Iron Mountain Chairman's Club

Iron Mountain Chairman's Club

The Brief


The problem with successful incentive design is that every event must exceed the expectations set the previous year. This is a constant challenge for Iron Mountain Chairman's Club which celebrates our client's 100 global top performers and their partners with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Coming off of "the best ever" Chairman's Club in Florence, Italy, the team designed a program of experiences both big, brash and exciting and small, touching and personal.




Incentive Travel




Prague, Czech Republic

Iron Mountain Chairman's Club Dancing

The ci Solution


The team engaged participants in every moment of their trip-of-a-lifetime:

  • Arrival included an interactive Sneaks and Treats shop at registration allowing attendees to pick a pair of sneakers and try traditional pastries followed by a choice of comfortable, adventurous or gourmet experiences while waiting for rooms to become available. 
  • The Welcome Event whisked attendees away in a fairytale streetcar ride with traditional musicians on a guided, beer-fueled tour of the city before immersing them in the ultimate Bavarian foodie's dream: the cievents-curated Czech Food Festival held in the oldest beer hall in Prague.
  • The Gala Dinner was steeped in the historic prominence of Prague in music, architecture and dance - creating an old world black-tie opera house experience. Attendees cried as they received personalized music boxes filled with photos and messages of their loved ones and as they heard the tune of The Nutcracker play from their new treasures, the Prague Symphony Orchestra burst into the full theme and the National Ballet emerged through the audience - performing the full suite to the shock and delight of the attendees.
  • The Farewell Dinner blasted attendees to the age of flappers and dappers, a particularly prominent era in the history of the Czech Republic. Grand red carpets were flanked with original 20s automobiles and guarded by gorgeously-dressed footmen. As guests approached, the grand staircase of the Art Deco-style palace emerged, replete with intricate floral installations that permeated the magical sense of arrival with their heavenly scent. The crashing horns of a full big band brought attendees full into the era and guests explored the grounds, happening upon cigar rollers, photo booths, costume stores and primal gourmet stations that explored every sense with fire, ice, smoke and artistic performance. 
  • Room Drops every evening built anticipation by including gorgeous photography into invitations for the next evening and fulfiled their sense of reward through carefully-chosen local gifts.

The Results


Every step of the experience was curated by the team who have come to deeply understand the participants on a personal level. Every repeat winner that arrived at reception was greeted, not with a "hello," but with a hug and engaged conversation about their families, their year's, their lives. This experience is not curated from a boardroom, this experience is curated from the heart. This deep care for participants translates into deep care for their enjoyment which, in turn, informs the design of a program that transcends a typical experience and transforms it into an emotionally moving, connecting moment. Every gift, experience and choice was made to maximize its impact - an incredible representation of how experiences can connect people beyond what any words could. The attendees departed this program, sometimes with tears in their eyes, with a renewed vigor for their company, their families and, ultimately, their lives. That kind of response cannot be bought, it can only be created by passion.