The future of AV and event production

The events industry has experienced some fundamental shifts in recent years, particularly when it comes to event management and production.

An event production team is equipped to deliver an event aligned with your strategic goals.

Traditionally, event planners would approach AV companies to help them with the production side of things. Fast forward to the present, where more are turning to the offerings of event production companies with a wealth of resources and expertise at their fingertips that enables the seamless execution of strategic objectives. 

Events are becoming bigger and better, and you constantly need to outdo yourself in order to wow attendees and provide them with experiences that truly transcend their expectations. To do this, you need not only the physical equipment needed to run all the multimedia at your event, but a solid strategy behind it: a firm handle on why you're holding it, and what you want to achieve. 

This is why you need a team of people who can not only deliver the technical equipment you need, but also the messaging, branding, graphics, theming, design and speaker training. If you have any creative component to your event and a message you want to deliver, an event production company is equipped to deliver an event aligned with your strategic goals.

Adding a strategic dimension to event production

AV is one of the most essential components of an event. Without technical equipment, your speakers' voices aren't heard, your presentations fall flat and there's no wow factor. But you need more than just the equipment to turn on the lights and convey the sound; you need it to all be working seamlessly towards your event's strategic objectives, and conveying a consistent message. 

You need your event production to be working seamlessly towards your event's strategic objectives, and conveying a consistent message.

They're the conductor of the event orchestra that gives your event strategic direction.

The cievents team works with AV companies who assist in running the multimedia for your business event or meeting. We help connect all of the electronic equipment, ensure everything is functioning as it should, and do the job of pressing play when a new speaker takes the stage to give a presentation. 

We also oversee the entire event from start to finish, to give it a strategic direction. When you're holding a large-scale event attended by several hundred people, you require extensive content, branding and messaging, which an event production company can assist you with. They're the conductor of the event orchestra!

From working with AV companies to provide you with the technical equipment you need, to generating creative concepts, strategy, the reasoning behind why the event's happening, and designing the whole event experience, an event production company is there every step of the way. They develop a theme, supporting visual elements like graphics and interactive media, and training for your presenters, to ensure there is a consistent, relevant message communicated throughout

Helping you achieve the "why" - and ROI

Event production companies have the creative and design skills, the expertise needed to design the messaging and strategic intent, environmental design, as well as the flexibility to utilize specialist equipment from different AV companies to deliver the best solution for clients.

But how exactly do they do all this?

An event production company has the creative ability to do a whole lot more than just setting up and running equipment.

If you want help with your event strategy and messaging, an event production company is the way to go.

First of all, an event production team will work with you in the early stages to understand the message you want to communicate throughout your event, and why you're holding it in the first place.

"The main crux of it is that you're doing the event for a reason. Our job is to help you realize the why and then take that why and make sure that everything about the event - how it looks and feels and runs and the content on the screen - is achieving that why," says cievents' Director of Production & Creative Services Jonathan Leggett. 

"Our job is to help you realize the why and then take that why and make sure that everything about the event is achieving that why."

In the lead-up to the event, an event production team will also work closely with your presenters to ensure the message they're conveying is consistent with the overall theme and strategy.

"We work with the speakers to craft their message and help them develop their content. We also run speaker rehearsals and training on-site to make sure they're delivering in the best way to get their message across," says Jonathan. 

You'll also avoid having to research and contact several different AV suppliers to provide the technical equipment for your event. Event production teams will approach several AV companies on your behalf, using their relationships with suppliers to deliver the best solution for you.

This is particularly valuable when you're working to a tight time frame. If you need to pull an event together in a week, the resources production companies have behind them will ensure you get things done in time.

It's all of these things that will help deliver you a solid return on investment. When you not only have the equipment you need, but the direction and messaging behind it to ensure that your production is working in sync with your event's objectives, you'll be delivering more of a seamless, consistent experience for delegates and sponsors. As Jonathan points out:

"It's moving beyond the level of being a supplier to delivering on the ROI and the reasoning behind doing the event in the first place."

Make sure that your presenters are on point by enlisting the help of an event production team to train them in how to convey their message in the right way.

One of the unique benefits of using an event production team is that they'll work with your speakers to ensure their messaging is consistent with your strategic objectives.

Why use cievents' event production services?

cievents' event production services take a holistic approach. When you work with us, you'll reap the benefits of our experienced in-house team of creatives, who work with our creative services team during the initial stages to brainstorm the best ways to turn your event strategy into a reality.

We're there from start to finish

We're there right from the beginning to source suppliers, entertainment and keynote speakers for you. We'll also be there on-site pulling everything together and ensuring your event goes to plan, and will follow up with a debrief to deliver feedback.

We offer you the full package

cievents can do everything from stage and set design, theming, sourcing entertainment, speaker sourcing and training and full on-site execution.

Our team has extensive event production experience

The cievents production team has over 100 years' collective experience in corporate events production and we deliver events for a large number of clients every year. This experience means we're always at the cutting edge of the market.

We draw on our diverse backgrounds

Our event production team brings several different worlds together. We work in a collaborative fashion, drawing on everyone's particular area of expertise to generate creative solutions and innovative angles for our clients. We come from a variety of backgrounds, including interior design and theater, which enables us to bring a unique flavor to the corporate events we run. 

When you're organizing a large meeting or event and need technical expertise, an event production team will work with you to ensure you create the best possible experience for your attendees. Reach out to the team at cievents to find out more about how our event production team can help you deliver the best event possible.

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