4 business event trends to make your conference a success

Corporate events are changing; no longer do they consist of monotonous presentations and dull networking sessions. So what are the most innovative business event trends of 2017? We're witnessing a shift towards more informal interactions, exciting new technology and environmentally conscious initiatives.

cievents is always ahead of our competitors, we know what will make your next event a talking point. Here we share some of our expert tips on how to make your corporate conference stand out from the crowd.

1. Do away with formal presentations

Shake up the schedule of events.

If you'd like your next event to really disrupt the world of corporate conferences, shake up the schedule of events. Do away with a program consisting mainly of monotonous presentations and work in some new and different activities to spice up the experience.

The whole concept of what a corporate event involves is being challenged, with the traditional presentation-style format being replaced with more interactive sessions. This is where top of the line event production and creative services come into play.

cievents'  creative services team is able to design unique elements that will engage your delegates, from impressive video presentations to smartphone apps that enable attendees to participate in the presentations in front of them. Our event production team is able to come up with spectacular ideas for how to entertain your guests. Consider holding games and activities during longer sessions to maintain engagement levels, recruiting exciting entertainment acts and holding more networking events to spice things up. 

2. Harness event technology to drive attendee engagement

Second screen technology turns distraction into a form of participation at corporate events.

Second-screen technology turns distraction into a form of participation at corporate events.

It's not enough to simply have an exciting program of events on the conference calendar; you need to get attendees on board by engaging them in ways they'll appreciate. This means harnessing the power of technology!

You can't stop people from getting out their smartphones, but you can make sure they're using them to promote and participate in your event. Enlist the help of an expert creative services team to build an event app with a digital program, encourage attendees to use social media to share images and video from the event, and utilize second-screen presentations to turn distraction into participation through quizzes, live chats and competitions.

According to Cvent research, 29 per cent of event marketers and planners are using social media displays at their events, while 19 per cent are using second screens. These figures aren't remarkable - these technologies are certainly becoming more popular but they are still relatively new and underused. Getting on board with them now will ensure your event is ahead of the curve.

3. Think outside the box

Technological innovations that continually push the the boundaries of what a corporate event actually entails will continue to be among the most disruptive business event trends of 2017.

"We've had VR gaming, AR environments, creative 3D printing displays - even a showcase involving 3D-printed imagery that everyone could eat", said cievents producer Christian Marchand, talking about some of the current innovations that are happening in corporate events. These were some of the upcoming digital trends we experienced when we celebrated Innovation Week recently.

It's not just about using technology in itself; it's about using technology that pushes the boundaries, offering an experience unlike any other. For example, in a recent sales kickoff held in Sydney, we partnered with PixMob for an Australian first -  replacing traditional lanyards with digital wristbands using beacon technology. This not only assisted the registration process and improved security, but meant we could collect insightful data, track attendance and demonstrate ROI - big bonuses for our telecommunications client.

4. Put corporate social responsibility at the forefront

Sustainable, healthy and green will be key concerns among attendees of upcoming business events.

Business events are changing to move in line with trends towards environmentally conscious corporate event production.

Sustainable, healthy and green will be key concerns among attendees of upcoming business events, particularly those of the millennial generation. Giving back to local communities, recycling waste and offering vegetarian meal options will all increase in popularity, and show that your event is interested in more than numbers.

To make your next conference a resounding success, you need to be ahead of the rest of the pack. Don't settle for a stock standard corporate event; put one together that will have people talking until the next one comes around! cievents is at the forefront of trends in the corporate event industry and we are adept at coming up with event ideas that have that wow factor.

Contact our team today for more information about how we can help you take advantage of current and upcoming trends to make your event truly amazing.

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