Guerlain Annual Beauty Consultant Seminar

Guerlain Team Building

The Brief

French beauty and skincare line, Guerlain, has always turned to unique forms of expertise to create and offer the exceptional and this event was no different. Working with cievents, Guerlain wanted a training and incentive trip that would motivate their teams of Beauty Advisors (BA) to keep the company’s sales high and strengthen morale within the regional team.

Quick Stats


4-day event including training, team building, gala dinner & offsite activities




Tokyo (2018), Macau (2016), Bali (2015), Singapore (2014)

Guerlain offset Activities

The ci Solution

cievents showcased adaptability, efficiency and professionalism when delivering the BC Seminar. Responsible for all the logistics and behind-the-scenes management, cievents was involved every step of the way in order to support Guerlain in every way possible. Our dynamic event management team developed and managed the entire event from guest registration, stage set, media board design, venue / supplier liaison, offsite dinner, onsite management, budget control, run sheet/debrief, client meetings  and event insurance

Guerlain Asia Gala Dinner


For the second year we have selected Cievents for our regional BA seminar and...We made the right decision!
From the initial brief to D-Day, we had an excellent communication supported by a perfect understanding of our needs while each and every logistics matters were carefully anticipated with one common  goal : make this event a memorable one for our teams.

Caroline Teichteil

Regional Director  of Guerlain for the Asia Pacific Region. 

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