Mercedes Benz Car Launch

Mercedes Benz Car Launch Internal

The Brief

Mercedes Benz wanted to launch there new sprinter - VS30 in New Zealand. The unveiling of this new product will spark a lot of interest and coverage from the automotive industry so they required an agency to deliver various events to align, display and showcase the advancements in technology of the product through unique and memorable events. Attendees included their dealers, media and customers and each needed a new experience to excite and showcase the product.



Car Launch




Auckland New Zealand

Mercedes Benz Car Launch Outdoor

The ci Experience

We put together a comprehensive programme for all events and ensured that the experiences and venues aligned with the innovation and technology angle the brand was trying to deliver . The event was to be aligned with the Australia launch and we had to take this into consideration, lucky for us it was our cievensts Sydney office responsible.

The first day was to educate the dealers on the vehicle which was key, where as the second day was an opportunity for the dealers to host their customers at the event. Both main event days were created to be a replica of each other which included kick off at Kauri Bay Boomrock. They arrived with a dramatic welcome by revealing the vehicle and an explosion of local music. The day consisted of an on road drive, off road drive and a bit of creative flair with a digger challenge and classic clay bird shooting at the iconic venue. Kelliher estate was chosen as the dinner venue which displayed an array of X-Class models along with elegant décor and visual projection on the buildings.

On the third day, the media event took place at Kauri Bay Boomrock Bunker. They experienced the on road component by driving the X-class from their hotel to the venue. Once at Boomrock they received an off road drive topped off with an extravagant long lunch.

“We are very satisfied with your level of event organisation. We took part in another automotive event and you have topped the service and professional level.  Smooth transitions and full awareness.  We have purchased an X-Class in result! 



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