5 corporate event production concepts for 2019

Corporate event production is about more than ensuring the lights come on. It's about showmanship - integrating your business objectives with theatrical know how that wows your audience and leaves lasting memories in their minds.

In order to this effectively, you have to stay ahead of the trends. Many delegates spend a lot of time attending conferences and corporate events - it's up to you to demonstrate why yours should stand out to them. That means investing in modern technologies and creative innovations to deliver a corporate event like no other.

Let's take a look at five popular developments that can bring life to your next corporate event.

1. Virtual reality in corporate event production

Virtual reality is poised to transform corporate event production.

Virtual reality is poised to transform corporate event production.

As we stand today, virtual reality (VR) already has a place in some corporate events. Typically, we see a single station in a venue where delegates can line up to take part in the experience. Once delegates get the headset on, they're transported to a virtual space sharing no similarities to the area around them. From the perspective of anyone not wearing the VR gear, the "player" is simply sitting or standing in place, perhaps operating a controller.

As technology progresses, we expect to see the event planner challenging the limitations of virtual reality to curate a more multi-sensory experience. Rather than simply immersing the delegate's vision in a new world, they might invite delegates to walk around a safe space with the headset on so that delegates can engage and interact with the world in a more physical and "real" fashion. Objects throughout the space might also be mapped and reskinned within the experience for full tactile immersion, while scents may be released to correspond with happenings in the virtual space.

2. Augmented reality for engagement, personalisation and more

Augmented reality has a number of potential applications for creative corporate event production.

Augmented reality has a number of potential applications for creative corporate event production.

Augmented, or mixed reality - a close relative of virtual reality - also presents a new way to engage delegates and test the limits of possibility.

Through the lens of mixed reality, delegates can explore the corporate event floor as it exists, but with additional virtual elements laid over top. This is already being seen in smartphone apps - where users can turn on their camera and new objects will appear around them. The development of Magic Leap's augmented reality headsets is allowing users to immerse themselves more completely in this augmented space by cutting on the phone camera and imposing the virtual elements on the glass of the headset's goggles.

Augmented reality in corporate event production may be used to bring video and staging beyond the realm of what we know today. Interactive tech giant Riot Games has been experimenting with mixed reality for live performances at their League of Legends world summit events - inviting a "live" dragon and characters from their games onto the stage. Though guests at these events only saw the AR elements on the livestreaming screens, official video captures show the effects were eerily convincing. Combined with headsets like Magic Leap's, this could allow for unparalleled immersive corporate event production.

3. Projection mapping and the rise of holograms

Corporate event production can be taken to the next level with unique projection mapping.

Projection mapping allows for unique video and light displays.

Now - what if those fantastical elements were not only visible through the glass of AR, but seemingly present to the naked eye?

Projection mapping isn't a particularly new concept in corporate event production - however, as it becomes more affordable, it may grow as an attractive AV option. Video can be creatively projected onto unconventional surfaces, including the sides of a building. Integrate projection mapping into a broader event narrative by foregoing the expected and transforming stunning architecture into your own projection screen.

Progress in projection technology is also bringing holograms closer to reality. With projectors getting brighter and cheaper, we can expect to see hologram effects in brighter spaces. Holographic logo projections may take the place of gobos for greater impact, or fictional characters may be brought to life, supported by artificial intelligence for fully immersive, interactive activations.

4. Interactive screens for corporate event production

Lead by the smartphone industry, interactive touch screens are growing both in popularity and physical size. Large-scale interactive screens can enable more engagement between delegates and sponsors.

Remove the natural disconnect between stage and audience by inviting delegates to interact directly with sponsors via touch screen installations. Demonstrate apps or support gamification with touch screen kiosks throughout the venue.

You might also look to improve presentations by providing grand touch screens on stage, which allow speakers to directly manipulate slides and data with their own two hands. Alternatively, provide smaller screens for delegates to interact with presentations themselves - zoom in on key data points, or pedal back to revisit previous slides.

Lastly, interactive screens can support a paperless conference, acting as self-service registration or information kiosks.

5. Creative lighting solutions for corporate events

With the reduced use of the traditional hotel ballroom venue comes unique challenges. Creative venue choices inspire curiosity and excitement among delegates, but when it comes to corporate event production they can impose strict limitations.

You may not be able to make alterations to the venue, but creative lighting solutions enable you to transform spaces using clever illusions. For example, you can define semi-private spaces, such as a VIP lounge, with draping curtains of seed lights. The effect is a unique, visually beautiful space that oozes exclusivity and taste.

Similarly, LED accents around the seams of temporary marquees or tents can make the space feel more interesting and high-brow.

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