cievents initiate Australian first in event technology

Media Release: 18 May 2017

cievents initiate Australian first in event technology

cievents initiated an Australian first in partnering with PixMob to transform what could have been a stock standard sales conference into a technologically groundbreaking event. Using their cutting-edge product KLIK, we delivered a premier experience that fulfilled our client’s brief of holding an event that placed digital innovation at the forefront.

A digitally-led sales kickoff

Held in May at the International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour, Sydney, the event was a sales kickoff conference for a telecommunications company. It was attended by 2,200 delegates who had flown in from around Australia and overseas.

This was the first corporate event in Australia where KLIK technology was used. KLIK’s supplier, Montreal-based PixMob, has worked on events as big as Eurovision, the Superbowl halftime show and Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour.

"Our client challenged us with the idea that they wanted the event to be digitally-led," said Event Director Angela McDonald.
"The idea of a printed name badge with a lanyard is a bit outdated now. We were trying to be on the front foot so that the very first touch point with the attendee when they arrived started as a digitally-led experience. KLIK was the best product to do this and meet our customer’s brief.”

First-rate identification, security and analytics

All delegates were given a KLIK wristband branded with the event name, which made the registration process much smoother, as there was no need for attendees to stand in long lines waiting for names to be crossed off lists. A total of 1,940 delegates registered onsite in 1 hour with barely a queue. The wristband also ensured that those not registered for the event couldn't enter.

Not only did these wristbands help us with identification and security, but the embedded beacon technology captured valuable information about conference attendees that can be used by our client to gauge the event's success and improve future conferences. The analytics allowed us to collect data regarding who attended sessions and where delegates were at particular times.

"We used the beacon technology to tell us who actually attended the sessions, without us having to scan or do anything" Ms McDonald said.

Once the post-event data is analysed, we will be able to provide our client with information regarding session attendance as well as dwell times - how long delegates stayed in a certain area. This is especially valuable to exhibitors, as it shows which stands were most popular and how long people stayed at each one.

Innovative event production

In addition to capturing information, KLIK also enhanced the conference experience for attendees. LED lighting enhanced the event production by illuminating award winners, and encouraged interaction and immersion through small details, as Ms McDonald pointed out:

"We captured during the registration process what delegates' favourite colour was. Everyone's wristbands lit up with the colour that they had pre-selected."

cievents is excited to have partnered with such a ground-breaking company that enhanced the event experience for our client. To learn more about how we can transform your event, get in touch with us today.

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