cievents partner with SolarBuddy

Media release: 5 July 2018

cievents partner with SolarBuddy to shine a light on energy poverty

cievents have partnered with SolarBuddy to launch a global incentive to illuminate the futures of those living in energy poverty. SolarBuddy, an Australian-based charity, work to educate children about energy poverty, renewable energy and global citizenship as
well as partnering with corporate organisations worldwide.

Approximately 18% of the world’s population have no access to electricity which equates to 1.4 billion people living in the dark. This severely impacts education, health, the economy and the environment. SolarBuddy has delivered over 40,000 lights to 20 countries and partners with leading organisations across the globe.

cievents have partnered with SolarBuddy with the aim to take whole communities from darkness to light. Hundreds of cievents staff, event and meetings clients and their delegates are encouraged to build SolarBuddy lights, creating an easy solution to contribute to the reduction of energy poverty.

Solar lighting is a sustainable option that minimises the reliance on the burning of toxic kerosene, dangerous campfires, and expensive battery-powered torches, enabling children to do homework after dark, supports small businesses and improves safety and security of local communities.
cievents are proud to combine their passion for creating events with a deeper purpose. The team’s goal is to build 10,000 lights through cievents’ meetings and events before 30 June 2019, fostering more meaningful experiences, increased engagement and inspiring others to contribute to the worthy cause.

At the culmination of the incentive program, six staff members from around the globe will be chosen to accompany SolarBuddy on a trip to Cambodia to deliver the lights and witness the incredible impact the contribution has first hand.

Natalie Simmons, Global General Manager, cievents, says the program is already having a positive effect on the team,

“The impact of CSR is undeniable, and we are finding the experience just as valuable within our workplace as well as seeing the benefits in creating more meaningful connections with our clients. The opportunity to partner with SolarBuddy was a no-brainer.”

Simon Doble, CEO of SolarBuddy and The Doble Group, agrees,

“We are thrilled to be partnering with a global organisation in cievents, assisting us in achieving our mission to provide safe, reliable, effective and innovative solar energy solutions to communities who suffer from the limiting effects of energy poverty.”