cievents and Propel partner to launch Battle Drones

Media release: 20 November 2017

cievents and Propel partner to launch Disney Star Wars Laser Battle Drones

cievents last week joined forces with Propel, the largest global developer and manufacturer of drones, for the launch of a new generation of multi-player gaming drones in the Australian market.

Using Propel’s Disney Star Wars laser drones, the exclusive event for media and influencers was held at The Venue in Alexandria Friday, 10 November 2017.

cievents created an immersive event for guests, showcasing all 12 features of the revolutionary Propel patents – the technologies which enable the Disney Star Wars Laser Drones to battle each other.

The Venue in Sydney’s Alexandria was the ideal blank canvas – a warehouse-style space where the cievents’ team created different zones to showcase Pre-experience, Product Reveal, Product Education and Product Training, culminating with entry to the Drone BATTLE DOME.
Lighting, visuals and audio cues, cleverly used by cievents built the anticipation of the product reveal, where a choreographed drone sequence, a real-life Star Wars battle scene between the Rebel Alliance and the Darkside, enthralled guests.

The capabilities of the innovative technologies including LiFi, Intelligent Awareness Technology and Reverse Propulsion Technology, were demonstrated through interactive platforms. Guests were then invited to join in the fun and take control of the drones, navigating through custom-made obstacle courses. The pinnacle of the launch event was the BATTLE DOME where guests battled to claim victory in a Galaxy far, far away.

The launch collection featured three of the most popular Star Wars flying fighters – the Star Wars 74-Speeder Bike™, the Star Wars TIE Advancedx1™ and the Star Wars T-65 X-Wing™ – beginning a new era of drone gaming through Propel's world-class innovation and technology.

In conjunction with the 14 December premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Propel has released 1,977 limited edition souvenir boxed drones to celebrate the original film of 1977.

The standard edition of Propel Star Wars drones will hit the Australian market on 21 November and are expected to be one of the hot products under the Christmas tree this year.