Sustainable Customer Summit

GOOGLE CLOUD customer summit Swag bags

We recognise our inherent duty of care towards the environment in which we live and work, and we’re acutely aware of the power we have to influence both customers and suppliers in their own sustainable practices.

The Google Cloud Summit was a turning point for us. It was the first time we have brought environmental sustainability to every single touch point of an event. We worked tirelessly to achieve this, reviewing everything we did and carefully selecting partners and suppliers who shared our ethical approach to sustainability.

Our mantra was ‘recycle, reuse and reduce’. We developed strategies for reducing waste and educating delegates so that they could support the initiatives throughout.

Biodegradable tote bags were supplied to delegates, all signage was recyclable or reusable.

GOOGLE CLOUD customer summit Drink Bottles


It’s quite astounding how much waste can be avoided when all 2500 delegates work together.

We removed the option of single-use coffee cups, partnering with Globelet to hire 3500 coffee cups – made from recycled plastic – which were unbranded so they could be used at future events.


Reusable water bottles were also made from recycled plastic, and plates and cutlery were made from organic, compostable bamboo.

GOOGLE CLOUD customer summit sustainability waste


Biodegradable tote bags were supplied to delegates, all signage was recyclable or reusable.

Working with Veolia, we provided educational waste points, sectioned for recycling, general waste, organics and coffee cup drop. These were restricted in number, as well, so that delegates would have to think twice about the waste they were generating.

Successfully managing this aspect of the event was extremely satisfying not just for Google Cloud, but also our cieventspeople.

Empowered by the learnings and experience of this event, we have been able to roll these practices out to other customers.


The Google Cloud Summit left a lasting impression on cievents and the way we approach any event.

That’s a legacy of which we’re immensely proud.


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