The most creative event venues from around the world

What if you could host your next business event in a rooftop garden? How about a museum? Or even a nightclub?

In the age of sharing, so many businesses have been there and done that in some way when it comes to traditional event venues. Hotel ballrooms or convention centres, however high-class, have come to be expected. In order to stand out from the crowd and excite your attendees in ways they would never have expected, you need to approach your next venue selection with a fresh perspective.

Find out more about the growing trend for unique venues in business event planning and why you should jump on board. You'll also find some inspiration to help you start thinking creatively about your future events.

Could hosting your next business event in a museum be in line with your strategic goals?

Turn to breathtaking venues like a grand museum for your next business event.

The rise of the unique venue

Demand for non-traditional venues is expected to grow 3.8 per cent in 2018, exceeding demand for any other style of venue.

Just what exactly is driving the world's most forward-thinking event planners to forego traditional event venues? 

Business culture has undergone a transformation in the last decade, with modern companies challenging the value of rigid structures. Global leaders are offering flexible work hours, open plan workspaces and less strict dress codes. As our day-to-day operations become less formal and prioritise employee engagement, it stands to reason that the approach to business events should follow.

And that's exactly what's happening - demand for non-traditional venues is expected to grow 3.8 per cent in 2018, matching the previous year's predictions and exceeding demand for any other style of venue, according to global industry research by American Express. 

What makes a creative event venue?

Unique venues are much more than just convention centres with state-of-the-art technology. While those do function as great venues for the right event, finding non-traditional locations means looking beyond any space that was designed specifically to cater to conferences.

Big, bright and simply unforgettable. Choose your next business event venue carefully to make the biggest impact.

Big, bright and simply unforgettable. Choose your next business event venue carefully to make the biggest impact.

With a creative venue, you have a blank slate to structure your event around. Think about the style of event you'd like to hold - will it be a flowing networking opportunity? Or perhaps a more structured series of presentations? Whatever approach you take, there's a venue that will be appropriate.

Say you're looking for a more social event - why not fill a parking lot with food vendors and a live band? Your attendees will be engaged and encouraged to interact. If you need spaces for meetings or a keynote, all you need is tents and a stage. Go even bigger and invite attendees to drive to the venue so they can watch your keynote as though it were a drive-in cinema - cater with a gourmet spin on movie snacks or include a live performance by acrobats. There's really no limit to how spectacular your event can be.

Why it's worth choosing an unconventional venue

First and foremost, a unique venue will leaving a lasting impression on your attendees.

With that in mind, you might wonder what staging an event in a museum or a nightclub could actually offer to your business strategically. The answer is, in short: much more than you might expect.

First and foremost, a unique venue will leave a lasting impression on your attendees. By seeking to amaze and excite, you'll be presenting your company brand in a memorable light and potential clients could be talking about your event for years to come. 

Futhermore, by offering a setting that gives attendees something to talk about and do, they'll both be more engaged and likely to share photos and reviews via social media or company blogs.

Even when your main event takes place in a ballroom, you can consider using creative venues for ancillary events like receptions and exclusive meetings with high-profile clients. When moving between a variety of venues for different sessions, you can tap into the "festivalisation" of events. This lets you highlight the unique companies and spaces that attendees may not normally have time to experience - positioning your own company as an active supporter of the local community.

Inspiration: 5 of the most creative event venues around the world

620 Loft and Garden, USA

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Feb 28, 2017 at 5:47pm PST

Take your guests out of the concrete jungle and into an exquisitely manicured rooftop garden. 

The 620 Loft and Garden sits atop the historic Rockefeller Centre in New York City and functions as a doorway into another world. Amongst the gardens, your guests will be surrounded by breath-taking NY architecture, including St Patrick's Cathedral. Skyscrapers rise up above the garden, contrasting with the vibrant lawns and reflective pool and really putting the beauty of this space into perspective.

The garden also features a tented space, keeping the party going throughout any weather. The attached loft offers 174 square metres of interior space that can be fully customised within the limits of your imagination. Between courses or presentations, your guests will witness exclusive unhindered views of the Prometheus statue and other NYC icons.

Queensland Art Gallery - Gallery of Modern Art, Australia


Challenge your clients' and staff's perspectives, open their minds to new forms of communication and expression, and treat them to a night of learning, networking and unforgettable catering.

The Queensland Art Gallery - Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) offers nine unique spaces to entertain and engage your guests. Two cinema spaces are available for comfortable, high-tech presentations, and five different rooms can be customised for original dining experiences, including an open-air roof terrace and a long interior gallery space dominated by an enormous eucalyptus tree. For cocktail-style events, the Watermall and Sculpture Courtyard allow your guests to mingle and interact with works of modern art. 

This is truly the ideal venue for positioning your business as a modern company welcoming new perspectives.

Omnia Las Vegas, USA


Would you consider a nightclub to be in line with your strategic goals? No? Think again. Omnia's cutting-edge fit-out creates the perfect place to showcase your company's eye for the future.

The Main Club features a colossal kinetic chandelier comprising eight concentric rings of different lighting and projection mediums which, among other parts of the club, can be customised to ensure that your brand is at the centre of the event. Also on offer is an intimate space, the Heart of Omnia, featuring a sultry material palette and private bar to immerse your attendees in pure opulence.

Alfa Romeo Historical Museum, Italy


Hosting your next event in a space like the Alfa Romeo Historical Museum shows that your brand represents luxury, industry and a respect for history.

The Alfa Romeo brand stands for international innovation and the museum is where its history and future collide. Fully equipped with professional kitchens, cafe and restaurant spaces, a variety of event rooms and an internal track, this venue is prepared for any occasion. Also included is a 4D cinema, decked out with virtual reality viewers and seats which can be programmed to expand the viewing experience into physical interaction.

At the Alfa Romeo Historical Museum, your guests will enjoy total immersion in luxury and innovation.

Boomrock, New Zealand


Only 30 minutes out of New Zealand's capital city, Boomrock provides a range of activities and space for the most memorable event in your company's history. 

The three areas of Boomrock are spread across a 3000 acre farm which sits over 250-metre high cliffs. The venue is named for the thunderous sound of waves crashing against the rocks, which echoes out across the water and sets the scene for a dramatic and powerful event. Activities available at Boomrock are suitable for all manner of guests, ranging from active games such as extreme golf along the cliff-faces to social challenges including cooking and cocktail lessons.

Each day, head chef Mark Hartstonge personally shops for the freshest available produce to excite your guests' taste buds. You'll be able to select menus or allow Mark to design a personalised seasonal menu to make your event truly unique.

Are you ready to make your next company event the best one yet? The cievents team expertly selects venues that break away from the traditional conference room and align perfectly with your strategic objectives. Find out more about how they can help you choose an event venue that wows by reaching out today.

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