How to work with an events management agency

Event management has evolved considerably over the last decade.

With the rise of big data and the rapidly evolving landscape of marketing as a whole, event management is now more than ever, a crucial aspect of many enterprises' brand strategies driving the personal side of doing business. It's about delivering high-end creative campaigns that run through an event from conception to completion.

Working with a full-service event management agency like cievents can take your event strategy to the next level.

Tackling the many hurdles of event management in today's highly competitive market requires a holistic understanding of the strategic value of events, as well as the experience and resources to manage the many creative, innovative and logistical aspects. This is where working with a full-service event management agency such as cievents can take your overarching event strategy to the next level.

How can you ensure you're getting the most out of your relationship with an event management agency?

Event management is a strategic marketing channel to drive business goals.

Event management is a strategic marketing channel to drive business goals.

Step 1: Choosing the right agency

The success of your event hinges on your decision to choose the right event management agency. Your agency of choice can be so much more than a supplier to which you outsource extra work, it can be an extension of your team; a strategic partner sharing your objectives. Given the potential depth of this relationship and the need to ensure a return on investment, it's important you choose the right agency from the start.

Guaranteeing you can trust an agency isn't always the easiest thing to do, but this trust is integral to the success of your working relationship. To gain confidence in an agency before working with them, look to learn about the following:


The reliability of an agency can be seen in its existing work. Research the agency's experience in the marketplace as well as the types of clients they work with. Familiarity with a business of your size and industry suggests the agency will be more prepared to understand the nuances of your company and strategic goals. You should also look for evidence of tenure with these clients, as long relationships are a sign of lasting benefits.

Customer satisfaction

Customer experience tracking shows how agencies promote both stakeholder and delegate experiences. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) of cievents, for example, sits around 56 - benchmarked against an average 32.6 for other business services agencies.

Financial backing

Fiscal commitment is a key consideration. Your agency of choice should have proven financial stability, as your money is going towards events that may not be happening for a year to 18 months from now.

Full service

As discussed, event management is no longer strictly about logistics. To ensure you receive the best return on investment for your events, each aspect needs to support your strategic goals. A full service agency is available to provide end-to-end solutions beyond booking travel and accommodation and coordinating delegates.


For many businesses, lead times are dropping. This means the ability to leverage a larger head count to meet tight deadlines is vital. Conversely, an agency should be willing and able to scale their service down to meet your needs - such as if you only require assistance with creative production and not logistics, or vice versa.

Collaboration and trust are key to a successful relationship and event.

Collaboration and trust are key to a successful relationship and event.

Step 2: Starting the relationship right

Emphasise trust

"Strategic" should be a common keyword when discussing events. This is because every decision that contributes to the final event needs to be considered within the broader strategy of the event and of the business. This includes even logistical solutions. For this reason, trust between you and the agency is vital. You may find yourself needing to open up your business plan, as your objectives and value proposition will have a strong influence over creative, production and management solutions.

Your agency needs to understand your intentions and really become a part of your DNA.


Having a clear concept of your event is a great thing - but it always pays to be flexible. When bringing your brief to an event management agency, you'll benefit most by remaining open to suggestions. As a team of highly specialised event experts, an agency will apply a strategic lens to all aspects of the event. Your business objectives are the focus of this relationship - so any changes suggested by your agency are designed to reach your desired outcomes.

Any work with an agency should be a living collaboration. Let there be room for back-and-forth and be ready to negotiate what's best for both your bottom line and strategic objectives.

In order to grow, you need to have the right data to reflect and find opportunities.

Collaboration and trust are key to a successful event strategy.

Step 3: Maintaining success

From here on in, getting the most out of your relationship comes down to clear communication and continued collaboration. Furthermore, proven results and a critical eye can help you ensure your lasting relationship goes from strength to strength.

To provide comprehensive strategic services, its vital your chosen agency can report on the success of their events and work with you to determine how the next event can improve. With modern data collection and analysis tools, cievents reviews and debriefs on the experience of delegates, stakeholders and the overall objectives of your event.  We take those results to ensure the next year's event is better than than before.  As a customer you want to be able to say to your agency, 'best event ever' year after year, feedback that cievents often hears.

In any agency relationship, your strategic intentions come first. The cievents team collaborates with you, as the perfect extension to your company, to drive success through all elements of your event

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