How to perfect your corporate event branding

When delegates think of your corporate event, what do they imagine?

Odds are, one of the first images in their minds is the event's logo. Corporate event branding represents the first point of contact with your delegates - before they read a single line of copy, they're taking in the graphical styling of your event's branding. It's therefore the starting point of your storytelling - it sets the tone, communicates your message and attracts delegates. Your corporate event branding is what you hang your hat off for the rest of the event, and informs the decisions of your delegates as well as the creative choices your team makes.

You cannot have a succinct, consistent message running through your corporate event without effective event branding. With that in mind, what steps can you take to ensure your corporate event's visual identity sticks in the minds of delegates and communicates a strong message?

What is corporate event branding?

Your corporate event branding is the unique identity of your event. While your own organisation branding may shape that of your event, you're functionally promoting a separate entity. Your delegates know your brand - but that alone isn't going to bring them to your venue. Rather, your event branding should be a separate, but related, identity that attracts, immerses and rewards your delegates.

Corporate event branding may appear across a wide variety of channels, from digital media through to printed collateral and live signage. When considering the design of your corporate event branding, you'll need to think about how the identity will appear across different scales and media.

So why does corporate event branding matter? Let's take a look at some critical stats reinforcing the importance of effective branding.

  • Customers who have an emotional connection with a brand have a 306 per cent higher lifetime value than those who don't. (Motista)
  • Consistent brand colours can improve recognition by up to 80 per cent. (University of Loyola)
  • Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media. (Bandwagon Digital Media)
Corporate event branding is the first touch point for your delegates - it must speak clearly, loudly and proudly.


Corporate event branding is the first touch point for your delegates - it must speak clearly, loudly and proudly.

5 golden rules of effective corporate event branding

We spoke with Jason Thomas, Creative Director at Fatfish, the creative arm of cievents, for his insights into how perfect corporate event branding is made.

1. Develop event identity alongside your goals.

"To really get the best return on investment from your corporate event branding, you need to understand your goals and have a clear strategic direction," Jason explains. When working with clients, the cievents creative team take them through their goals to understand the "why" - then, turn those goals into an emotive story.

"Story is a core part of the branding process, and it's something we really focus on at cievents," Jason adds. "Corporate event branding is about understanding what the story is, what we're trying to communicate and how we can bring it to life."

Think about the goals of your corporate event: for example, inspiring franchise holders and channel partners to promote your products. In order to achieve this goal, what behaviour do you hope to drive in delegates? How should delegates feel before, during and after your corporate event? Your corporate event branding should answer these questions while effectively appealing to, and attracting delegates.

Designing your corporate event identity and branding at the start of your planning process gives you something to shape future creative decisions.

2. Pick the right branding executions.

The impact of your branding may also be affected by the placement and format of its executions. Your corporate event branding will typically benefit from having at least two or three different vehicles for messaging. Choose your channels carefully to deliver your message effectively.

For example, animated or video driven branding can be extremely effective. "Static is dying out," Jason explains. "There's a huge amount of video and animation-based branding coming out now, which really brings the identity to life and adds a new dimension to its character."

"That said, not all delegates are online. If most of your staff are non-digital, you won't benefit much from investing in high quality motion graphics. Instead, SMS is still quite big for non-digital demographics and print shouldn't be neglected."

Think about where your branding will appear and how it needs to be adapted for different media.


Think about where your branding will appear and how it needs to be adapted for different media.

3. Give your corporate event branding a life outside of the organisation.

As mentioned above, corporate event branding benefits from being distinct to your organisation's brand. In order to feel like a unique, special occasion, your corporate event branding should offer something new and exciting to delegates.

By developing a distinct event identity, you also guarantee you have room to adequately represent your corporate event's independent story. That doesn't mean your corporate event branding should ignore the organisation its coming from, however. Incorporate elements of your organisation's branding to reinforce recognition between the two brands, but allow your event's branding the space to speak for itself.

4. Be consistent from start to finish.

Consistency is key in corporate event branding. Every detail of your branding, across all communications and touch points, must be consistent with your brand promise. Remember - nothing undermines your messaging quite like inconsistency. Pam Moore of Marketing Nutz claims it takes between five and seven interactions before someone remembers a brand - if your branding is inconsistent across touch points, that means less opportunity to ensure your brand is memorable.

Establish independent brand guidelines and a library of visuals early on in your process to assist consistency, and remember to include every area of the brand - from colour palette and logo treatment through to tone of voice and brand personality. Documentation is key to consistent branding not just within the year, but upon every subsequent repeat event.

Consistency across all executions ensures your corporate event brand is immediately recognisable to delegates.


Consistency across all executions ensures your corporate event brand is immediately recognisable to delegates.

5. Remember the bigger picture.

Finally, think about the role your corporate event branding plays in relation to the delegate experience. Where will it sit at each stage of the journey?

"Perfect event branding has a life after the event," Jason says. "It needs to generate excitement beforehand and then carry that all the way through the event." This comes back to the ideas of executions and consistency. Carrying your identity through into decisions at every step of the delegate journey helps to build an inimitable, recognisable brand and a delegate's positive associations with that brand.

Think about where you'll place your branding during the event - such as on branded cupcakes, sweets, corporate event swag bags or unique activations. Then, how will your brand stay in delegates' minds? Consider branded post-event surveys and content libraries. Remember, branding on your event stage ties video content immediately back to your event identity.

Bring in the corporate event experts

Whether you need help designing the visual identity of your corporate event, or require holistic corporate event management services, the team at cievents are here to help. Offering a fully scalable service package, we're the perfect extension to your in-house team.

To find out more about how cievents can support your corporate event objectives, reach out to the team today.

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