10 must-have corporate event app features

Empowering delegates with a corporate event app puts the power in their hands.

Armed with your app, delegates can personalise and simplify their event experience, explore and engage with content, and make more meaningful connections.

91 per cent of event planners say corporate event apps provide a positive ROI,

Corporate event apps have proven valuable to planners throughout recent years. App-powered events generate 42 per cent more social media impressions and 91 per cent of event planners saying that apps provide a positive return on investment (ROI), according to Bizzabo. American Express predicts a 3 per cent increase in the use of corporate event apps in 2019.

To make the most of your corporate event app, it's important to determine what features have the biggest impact on your delegates' experience and ensure they're optimised for your event. 

10 highly demanded corporate event app features

Research conducted by Event Manager has revealed some of the most desired event app features across a variety of different industry verticals. We've categorised these features with a mind to demonstrate what corporate event app features will satisfy delegates and open new opportunities to engage and inspire.

1. Corporate event agenda management

Effective agenda management is more than just uploading your corporate event schedule to your app for delegates to see. It's a two-sided feature affecting both what you can do as an event organiser and what your delegates can do to curate their own event experience.

For delegates, agenda management features should allow for personal schedule building. Delegates can thereby bookmark sessions they're interested in and create their own personalised agenda for the event. This can help delegates maximise their time at your event and remove some of the associated stress.

Internally, agenda management features should allow for live updates to the schedule and appropriate alerts for delegates. If a session must be cancelled, moved or otherwise changed with short notice, your corporate event management team can make changes in the back-end of the app. These changes are then immediately reflected on delegates' devices and a push notification delivered to those who had bookmarked affected sessions.

Corporate event management in Australia becomes that much easier with an event app.

Native agenda management features in a corporate event app empower delegates to curate their own experience.

2. Polling and live responses

In today's constantly connected world, you're forever fighting for delegates' attention against the device in their hand. By making your corporate event app a tool for engagement, this quickly becomes a battle won.

Live custom-made polls can be sent to delegates' phones in real-time, prompting them to contribute to sessions. Similarly, an event app may allow delegates to type questions for speakers to address without the need to interrupt or run microphones around.

This also represents a valuable data collection opportunity. With each delegate voting from a unique profile, you can quickly collect opinion data that you can later organise by delegate occupation to curate proprietary industry research or gain insight into your audience for future events.

3. Networking features

There's a range of different networking features that can be highly valuable for your delegates:

  • Delegate directories: A live directory of delegates, enabling guests to see who else is in attendance and identify networking opportunities.
  • Meeting bookings: From the directory, allow delegates to book a time and location for more formal engagements with fellow guests or speakers.
  • Live chat: Allow delegates to message one another directly without the need to exchange emails or phone numbers immediately.
  • Automated networking suggestions: Just as Facebook suggests friends, your networking algorithms can recognise shared interests based on the delegate profile or personalised schedule, and recommend other delegates to network with.

4. Live chat and chatbot AI

In addition to its networking applications, live chat can be a powerful tool for supporting your delegates on the ground.

An AI concierge can field questions from delegates via a simulated live chat within the corporate event app. Tying into the trend of conversational commerce, this can make it easier and more natural for delegates to seek answers they need, without a lot of manpower. Where an AI is unable to answer the questions, it can instead put the delegate through to a member of event staff to directly respond within the same chat.

Empower delegates with corporate event apps.

A corporate event chatbot can turn your app into a personalised event concierge.

5. Content library

Enabling and sharing content in your corporate event app helps to reinforce your delegates' learning and connections.

Upload slides from presentations as they happen, or immediately after, and send a push notification to delegates who attended. This lets them know they can download slides if they're looking to quickly revisit moments.

You might also upload event photos and videos to your corporate event app after the fact to strengthen your post-event marketing. Allow your delegates to relive the best memories from your event and turn them into advocates by enabling sharing beyond the app. Consider also inviting delegates to upload their own event photos to build an open database of organic moments for social media or for reinforcing those positive memories.

6. Wayfinding features

Augmented reality and beacon technology can turn a corporate event app into a personal guide.

In large-scale corporate events, wayfinding features can be highly valuable to your delegates. These might include an interactive map, augmented reality or proximity-triggered session recommendations.

A live interactive map provides a simplified view of your venue floor, showing your delegates what's on and where. This can help them find sessions they're interested in or locate sponsor or exhibitor booths around the event. 

Meanwhile, augmented reality and beacon technology can create a personal event guide. Peering through the lens of their phones, delegates can be led to nearby areas of interest by AI, or see live crowd heatmaps to help them navigate a busy venue.

7. Creative event app integrations

Wayfinding is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creative integrations that can push your corporate event app beyond the expected. Beacon technology can also be used to rapidly streamline on-site registration by sending profiles to check-in staff as delegates near the desk. This helps staff find access badges for delegates much more quickly and reduce congestion. 

RFID integrations can be used to support unique event currency or gamification concepts, similarly to Apple Pay or Google Wallet. Delegates can more easily spend points earned via conference games on rewards on-site.

Lastly, analytics integrations help you collect data about delegate behaviour that can be instrumental in future corporate event journey mapping.

Activate augmented reality for a heightened corporate event app experience.

Augmented reality in can used to simplify wayfinding, enable gamification or enhance storytelling.

8. Corporate event sponsor visibility

Don't forget your sponsors have a stake in your event app too. When building a tech strategy, it's important to think about how you can use your corporate event app to promote your sponsors.

Through banners, sponsored sessions, polls and app analytics you can satisfy sponsors' needs and provide them with crucial data regarding how delegates engaged with their brand.

9. Gamification

Weave challenges, rewards and narrative into your event by turning your corporate event app into a platform for an engaging game. When done right, gamification can have incredible benefits and help you achieve a variety of strategic goals.

Within your event app, gamification may be supported by many other features such as beacons or polling. The idea is to build a reward system into the app that triggers when delegates complete objectives. As a result, delegates should feel productive and enjoy instant feedback that stimulates and drives engagement.

Use your corporate event app for more than just scheduling!

QR code activations can supplement gamification or check-in processes.

10. Registration and check-in

Even without beacons, a corporate event app can streamline check-in both to the main event and any break-out sessions.

For example, your app could create a unique QR code for each delegate. They could then present this QR code to self-serve check-in kiosks to immediately print their badge. The same concept can also help you manage duty of care.

Staff managing off-site break-out sessions can scan the same QR code for delegates as they arrive, updating a live attendee database to help staff see how many people are present, who they are, and if any delegates are conspicuously absent.

Master corporate event management with cievents

At cievents, we understand that technology isn't only a tool to make life easier - it's an integral part of the convergence that builds a successful event. Technology must be woven into touch points to reduce stress, engage delegates and inspire meaningful action.

For more information about apps for your next corporate event in Australia or abroad reach out to the corporate event management experts at cievents.

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