Lenovo’s 2019 President’s Club

Lenovo Island


Lenovo tasked cievents with the mission to design and deliver a once in a lifetime experience to reward and recognise 100 top achievers and their partners from Lenovo. So cievents raised the bar by doing a takeover of Fiji’s Malamala beach club and renaming it “Lenovo Island”.

The Lenovo President’s Club 2019 - Fiji was designed to be a captivating island experience aimed to motivate award winners and inspire their colleagues to attend the annual event in future. Guests were given the opportunity to take part in one of three custom Corporate Social Responsibility activities with local partner organisations, positively impacting the future of the local community.

“Our mission was to bring something unique to the table and create the unexpected for our client Lenovo. The island takeover strategy gave us complete, exclusive access to the island where we could create tailored brand experiences for attendees. It was a unique moment that just isn’t possible to re-create outside of this event,”

Global General Manager, Natalie Simmons.

Lenovo We are Lenovo


Remote location and restriction of flights:

Choosing an island paradise such as Fiji is wonderful, except when all flights have to be booked FIT, few people want to plan extensions and there is no control over flight availability.

Presenting inventive branding opportunities:

After running the same event for many years, and without access to past events, the pressure was on to bring something unique to the table.

Meaningful CSR activity for 200+ attendees:

CSR activities are complicated as it takes a lot of research to ensure the large group will actually make a difference, will not impact negatively on the community and while also creating an engaging, enriching and memorable experience.

“We were faced with many challenges such as the remote location and restriction of flights, and a never before used Gala dinner venue, but the cievents team rose to the challenges each time and produced an unforgettable event filled with personalisation, incredible food and entertainment and the very best Fiji has to offer”.

Lenovo Branding

Strategy and Creativity


Sole use and buy out opportunities:

We did a takeover of Malamala beach club and renamed it “Lenovo Island”. This strategy gave us complete, exclusive access to the island where we could create tailored brand experiences for attendees. It was a unique moment that just isn’t possible to re-create outside of this event.

Constant communication, consideration and compromise:

We worked very closely and transparently with our client to ensure all options were presented, finding the best fit and pulling back on any non-essential items to ensure budget was used optimally to get the ‘wow factor’.

Highlighting the best of the venue:

We created bespoke production moments throughout the program that were built specifically to fit with the locations of this stunning destination, building drama and excitement.

Tailor made ways to learn:

Education was a key part of the program but we wanted to make the learning environment suit the laidback island setting. We created a relaxed, lounge seating hub which allowed for engagement, interaction and a new way of presenting and learning.

Branding consistency:

Every possible opportunity to brand was identified and used, mimicking the North American and regional incentive branding for a consistent look and feel.

“To win Gold at the Event Marketing Awards is a fitting tribute to the hard work the cievents’ team have put in over the past 12 months,” said Natalie.


Lenovo Dancers


With a tropical island destination as our playground, here’s how we delivered an experience like no other for award winners, motivating them to excel long into the future.

Never before used Gala Dinner venue:

Complete buy out of the club lounge with a custom built stage over the pool created a world-first wow moment exclusive to this venue. Customised activities at “Lenovo Island”: we brought massage therapists to Malamala to provide 15 minute massages in the private cabanas for that relaxing island experience

A branded welcome like no other:

Traditional drummers performed as guests were handed a Lenovo branded coconut, presented with a shell lei and customised attendee packs. From the hats and shirts that made the guests easy to identify in a large group, to the luggage tags and lanyards, everything was on brand. It not only met the inspire objective for the event, but meant attendees would take home their gifts, motivating other colleagues to strive or their targets.

Menu selection:

With so many nationalities, our menus had to wow the taste buds while also meeting all dietaries and cultural expectations. Throughout the event, the guests from India commented how delicious the room service Dahl was, so as a surprise and delight, we added it to the family style gala final event for all to enjoy.

Personalistation at every point of the journey:

All flights were booked FIT which allowed guests to easily select their own flights and travel dates, giving the 5 star service experience. Daily notes and quotes were room dropped with the nightly gift. Notes of thanks were also captured from winners for their partners, to make them feel included for their support.

Moments to cherish:

Guests were given the opportunity to take part in one of three custom Corporate Social Responsibility activities with local partner organisations. Attendees had a hands on experience coral planting, reforestation on a school visit and mangrove planting.

Live content and updates to relive experiences as they happened:

Highlights were uploaded to social channels by our onsite photo and video team and shared with the group in real time, creating excitement and encouraging delegates to upload their own content.

One guest remarked “…it is an honour I cannot ever replicate, having my wife be there to see my award and be proud of my achievements.”

Lenovo Island

The Results

Attendees were rewarded with incredible custom designed and engraved trophies with traditional Fijian look and feel to remind them of their exclusive island experience. Guests were given recognition with caring gifts left in the rooms each day to show they’re appreciated. Inspiring experiences, speakers and thought provoking sessions to provide motivation long into their careers. And of course, galas and parties in remarkable locations to celebrate their incredible achievements.

For our clients, we were able to deliver slightly under budget giving a financial benefit back to key stakeholders while still offering an experience like no other for all attendees.

But most importantly, the voice of those in attendance speaks the loudest. The overall attendee rating for the incentive has increased year on year with delegate satisfaction being recorded at a high of 4.81 out of 5 from the 2019 event.

Here is just one of the inspiring comments: “The location was amazing, more importantly, the program was coordinated to a T, the feeling of being part of such an amazing group of respected peers and senior leadership was a once in a lifetime experience I will never forget.”