Hybrid Event Experience






The Hybrid Event Experience






A hybrid event is one in which a physical event is made accessible online to those who cannot physically attend.


Hybrid = physical + virtual.

It’s easy when you think of it like that. 

We have found that far from being a COVID-19 induced compromise, Hybrid Events are an incredible way to reach more people, across the globe in richer, more interactive ways.

The pandemic has presented organisations with a tremendous opportunity to position themselves as a trusted participant in the community.

The brand that -through its thoughts, words, and deeds - creates a close bond with the human experience, is the brand that will thrive in the new paradigm.

Hybrid Events are an essential tool to make this happen.

TAFE NSW Hybrid Staff Recognition Awards

The TAFE NSW Staff Recognition Awards celebration was introduced in 2018 to recognise and acknowledge individuals and teams for their demonstration of the TAFE NSW values, exceptional contribution and achievements in the workplace. It provides an opportunity to showcase the enormous talent and commitment of TAFE NSW employees. The key objective for this event was to create a special event that still has the glamour and excitement of a physical event, ensuring that all winners definitely feel the recognition they deserve.

Hybrid Events Whitepaper

With many people experiencing the effects of loneliness and isolation, it’s more important than ever to get friendly faces together, so long as it’s in a safe, socially distant environment. Hybrid events, for example, make it easy for people to gather again and enjoy some human interaction by building communities based on shared purpose and connection.
Attract magnet


ATTRACT is all about empathy in your narrative. A comprehensively researched approach to strategy and communications is the foundation you need to create a lasting connection with your audience.


IMMERSE is all about relevance, stimulation and reward. Content and the way it is delivered lies at the heart of immersion.


ACTION refers to the post event journey your audience will take. What are they going to do differently?


We have a 3-phase structure to our approach to experiences, meetings and incentives.

This is the ATTRACT, IMMERSE and ACTION backbone - a core structure to your strategic communications
and events that will deliver the right results every time.


Start reading the Conversations our General Manager, Simone Seiler has had with some of the key members in the MICE industry below.

Felicity Burke, General Manager of 4th Dimension Business Travel Consultanting in conversation with Simone Seiler, General Manager of FCM Meetings and Events.
Rohani De Beger, Associate Director of Sales, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore in conversation with Simone Seiler, General Manager of FCM Meetings and Events.
Mario Valenti, General Manager of NW Group in conversation with Simone Seiler, General Manager of FCM Meetings and Events.

Regardless of where you are on your purpose journey, we are able to bring your purpose to life through experience. We entrench your brand within a community. We can even help you build one of your own.

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