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Hike For Light is an engaging, hands-on experience that takes students on an immersive journey from the classroom to the exotic destinations of Papua New Guinea and Tanzania.


With a focus on safety and educational outcomes, Hike for Light expeditions includes a social responsibility component where students fundraise to gift SolarBuddy solar lights to children in the local communities they visit. SolarBuddy solar lights allow children to study after dusk, allowing them to better their education and work towards a brighter and healthier future.

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Participate - Hike along world-famous tracks.


Educate - Learn about energy poverty through an interactive educational program.


Illuminate - Fundraise for SolarBuddy solar lights and hand deliver them to children in the ‘last mile’ of your hike.

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SolarBuddy children

SolarBuddy children



1.4 billion people across the globe live without electricity and the results are devastating - condemning billions to darkness, ill health, unfulfilled futures and repeated cycles of poverty. Without access to clean energy, families resort to using traditional fuels for lighting such as kerosene and diesel which is expensive, dangerous and unhealthy for people and the planet.


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