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Welcome to the launch point for what could be your carbon offset journey.

Maybe it’s an event, a meeting, or a hybrid event, an incentive program… all of these things have an impact on the planet - a carbon footprint. In 2020 it’s time to take things up a notch from the reduce, reuse, recycle mentality that has worked so well to this point.

Why? Because we can. We should. And at cievents, we believe we must.

Here you’ll find information about how your next experiential project can offset its carbon footprint against a global climate action project.

Together we can mitigate environmental impacts and improve lives in communities around the world.

We have partnered with South Pole, a leading project developer and global climate action expert, to develop a carbon offset calculator specifically focused on helping to deliver carbon neutral meeting & event programs.


Carbon Offset step 1 Calculate


cievents will calculate your meeting or event’s carbon emissions. This may change with adjustments in attendee numbers, flight routes, and program changes.
Carbon Offset step 2 Choose


Choose from 4 Climate Action projects that your carbon offset payment can contribute towards. Compliance certification will be provided.
Carbon Offset step 3 Communicate


Decide how best to engage attendees. Let them know what community is benefiting. This can be featured on the event website, communications and at the event.
Carbon Offset step 4 Celebrate


Everyone will appreciate that they have aligned with a company that takes the environment and social responsibility seriously.

There are four global climate action and sustainability projects available to offset against in the Asia-Pacific region.

Carbon offset Clean Water


Carbon Offset Bush Regeneration


Carbon Offset Solar Energy


Carbon Offset Rainforest Conservation


You should absolutely check out the digital brochure.

Everything you need to know is in there - why we’re doing this, how we do it and who we’re working with.


cievents Carbon Offset Program

If you would like to know more about our exclusive Meeting & Events Carbon Offset Solution and the projects above in partnership with South Pole please reach out to the team below

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