Target employee engagement at the top

12 elements

Businesses need to target employee engagement issues at the top if they are to increase the engagement of the wider organisation, according to an article in the Gallup Business Journal.

The article states that executives who are disengaged tend to pass this on to other employees. The opposite also applies – where there are highly engaged executives in a business, other workers tend to be more engaged themselves.

A recent study by Gallup observed the engagement of business leaders, and the findings were used to develop ‘The 12 Elements of Great Managing’.

These elements include knowing what work is expected, receiving sufficient recognition or praise for good work, being provided with opportunities to produce their best work and being encouraged in their professional development.

If you feel that your employees’ engagement is at a low, there are various ways to address this.

First of all, consider what might be the root problem. Is it related to the team’s culture, the top-level leadership or individual workers’ own issues? It could even be a combination of all three factors, but if you try to narrow down the issue, it will be a lot easier to resolve.

If leaders appear equally disengaged, then consider special events like a conference with targeted activities that will boost executives’ leadership skills and sense of worth in the company.

You can help increase employee engagement by running speciality loyalty programs that target certain behaviours and reward positive outcomes – no matter what level staff are within the business.

With a spotlight on improving performance, these programs can help motivate workers and reward them for achieving.

Whether there are sales incentives or the promise of travel when certain targets are met, loyalty programs are a great way to boost engagement and keep your team focussed.

Remember to start at the top, so the whole team is engaged and striving toward a common purpose.

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